Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Taberneros, the father of all spanish gastrotaverns

All new concepts start up with someone wanting to do things differently. In the food&beverage world it is very important to give birth to fresh ideas to keep the industry developing, because we are not talking about a product we aquire once every decade, like a car, but about a product we consume almost daily. How many days can you force yourself not to visit your favorite café or a new pub, you have seen on your way back from work? In many other things in life, I can control myself. Not in this case.
Taberneros was in the old days a spanish tavern, also called "tasca". My description for a "tasca" would be a local bar, where you can get some small portions of food, between dirty and casual. In comparison to a bar, here we normaly get offered wine, instead of beer, Coca-Cola or coffee.
At Taberneros they wanted to have a great selection of wines and serve great quality of food. And so they did. The refurbished the restaurant, keeping the initial brick walls, painting all furniture in a sparkling red and instaling their wine cellar behind a glass wall at the back of the restaurant for everyone to see.
Nowadays they offer a great selection of catalan wines and you can trust their recommendations about some unusual spanish wines. They know what they are talking about.
The food is tasty made with localy sourced products. Nice foie terrine on fig bread, daily sourced fish dishes, slowly braised meet and a great cheese platter.
Although Spain is an important wine producer, it is not that easy to find in Madrid nice wine bars.
Well, this is my recommendation.

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